The ICBC Settlement Process after a Personal Injury Accident

Accidents are inevitable, meaning that you will have to deal with ICBC or any other insurer at one point. You are entitled to monetary compensation from ICBC for the losses incurred after a personal injury accident. ICBC is a crown corporation that provides insurance coverage to the drivers involved in an accident caused by another person’s negligence in British Columbia. It provides coverage for personal injury, property damage, and hiring a lawyer. Other ICBC settlements include rehabilitative costs, funeral costs, death benefits, medical expenses, and loss of wages. An ICBC lawyer represents the corporation during negotiations or in case the no-fault driver decides to file a lawsuit.

1. After an Accident Occurs

After the occurrence of an accident, the parties involved should gather as much information as possible, which they can later use to get compensation from ICBC. Some of the information to collect includes personal data and addresses of the other drivers and any present witness, the date and time of the incident, pictures of the accident scene, and the make and model of the vehicle. Refrain from admitting fault immediately after an accident and do not leave the scene as this could lead to denial of coverage. You should also see a doctor as soon as possible and document all the treatment provided.

2. ICBC Claim

You should make a claim to the ICBC within 36hours after the accident. The corporation allows you to make an ICBC claim online or through a phone call before meeting an adjuster. It is advisable to seek counsel from a lawyer before meeting the adjuster. An adjuster gathers information about the accident with the aim of determining the at-fault driver. Remember that an adjuster would be looking for an opportunity to reduce your repayment and ICBC may use the information against you. Therefore, it is important to give accurate but correct information about the accident.

3. Negotiations and Settlement

Hiring a lawyer with experience dealing with ICBC claims or personal injury claim assures you of success in getting compensation. The attorney negotiates for a better ICBC settlement and ensures the protection of their clients’ rights during the investigation period. The ICBC lawyer and the defendant attorney may opt for mediation instead of taking the case to trial. Alternatively, the two parties can go for negotiation settlement, which happen through speaking directly or through writing. If they fail to arrive at a mutual agreement, then the defendants’ lawyer can file a lawsuit on behalf of their client, which should happen within two years after the accident occurrence. If you visit the Preszler Law Firm website, they may be able to provide you with more information.